The Downtown Development Authority Board met in a regular meeting on Tuesday August 28, 2007 in the Multipurpose Room at the Community Services Center, 2074 Aurelius Road, Holt, Michigan. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Howard Brighton, Kim Cosgrove, Stuart Goodrich, Jane Olney, Gary Smith, DiAnne Warfield

Ted Darbor, Howard Haas, Nanette Miller

Al McFadyen-DDA Director.

Goodrich moved, Cosgrove supported, to approve the July 24, 2007 meeting minutes. Mr. Brighton asked that a notation be made that he wished to change his vote from yes to no on the proposal to retain Keystone Design Group for the preparation of designs and plans for the renovation of the former fire hall on Cedar as a Senior Center. A Voice Poll Vote was recorded as All Ayes. MOTION CARRIED

There was no public comment.

A report from Scott DeVries of C2AE was added under presentations.


Detective Hull introduced Deputy Brad Delaney. Deputy Delaney was recently appointed Business Community Policing Officer. Detective Hull thanked the DDA for its past support and the opportunity he had to serve the community. Deputy Delaney introduced himself briefly, pointing out that he is a life-long Holt resident and a graduate of Holt High School. He has strong community connections and particularly looks forward to working with the business community.


Mr. DeVries presented the proposal for geotechnical work from SME in connection with the Delhi NE-Depot Street utility construction design work. He pointed out that geotechnical work was outside the scope of C2AE’s engineering proposal and that his firm was to obtain quotes from qualified firms to complete this work in accordance with C2AE’s requirements. SME has quoted $14,500 to complete all of the necessary work and he recommends retaining SME in accordance with their quote. It was agreed that this cost could be incurred by the in accordance with the agreement for engineering services between the DDA and C2AE.

Mr. DeVries reviewed the progress to date on the design of the sanitary sewer, storm sewer and road improvements to the Delhi NE, Keller, Depot Street area. He reminded the Board that the estimated cost of this project has increased because of the decision to fund improvements along Depot and Holt Road south of the Delhi NE-Depot intersection and the decision to extend the amount of sewer to be constructed on Keller in order to eliminate two pump stations. Although the initial estimate of cost was $1 million, these additions have increased the scope of the project and thus the cost to $4 million. He advised that this change in scope will be reflected in increased engineering fees and that he will be preparing a revised engineering agreement for the Board’s consideration at the September meeting.


Mr. McFadyen reviewed his recommendation to fund 50% of the Township’s annual LEAP dues for the next three years. This will include a $17,500 commitment from the DDA for 2007, 2008 and 2009. The members expressed support for the Township Board’s decision to pursue full LEAP Board membership.

Cosgrove moved, supported by Warfield, that the Board of Directors of the Delhi Charter Township Downtown Development Authority amend the adopted 2007 DDA Budget to provide $17,500 as a reimbursement to Delhi Charter Township for one-half of the Township’s 2007 investment in the Lansing Economic Area Partnership, Inc. It was further moved that the DDA Board affirm its intent to fund one-half of the Township’s LEAP investment ($17,500) in the DDA’s Fiscal Years 2008 and 2009 budgets.

All Ayes


Mr. McFadyen reviewed with the Board his memo of August 23, 2007 concerning the purchase of the property at 4444 North Street. There was a brief discussion. Mr. Smith pointed out that he had received strong input from the Planning Commission to the effect that they would not support extension of non-residential uses west of the property at 4444 North. It was agreed that 4444 North would be a valuable addition to the DDA’s Cedar and North parcel, but that further incursions to the residential area would not be desirable.

Warfield moved, supported by Goodrich, that the Board of Directors of the Delhi Charter Township Downtown Development Authority authorize the DDA’s Executive Director to enter into a purchase agreement for the DDA’s acquisition of 4444 North Street, Holt, MI. from Lawrence and Darlene Martin of Mason, MI. and to close the transaction for the purchase of this property once legal and environmental contingencies have been satisfied in accordance with the provisions of the purchase agreement. The $107,000 purchase price is to be charged to the DDA’s Fiscal Year 2007 Budget as a Capital Outlay expense.

All Ayes

3. ADDITIONAL BANNER PURCHASE Ms. Olney and Mr. McFadyen discussed the recommendation for the purchase of additional banners. In order to provide banners for every other pole along the Cedar Street lighting extension and to produce new banners of the two new designs created by the Holt High School students this past spring, it is necessary to purchase 208 new banners. Blohm Creative Partners priced the banners and recommends that these banners be purchased from Kalamazoo Banner Works at a total cost of $23,491. This is the same firm which produced the initial run of banners two years ago.

Smith moved, Warfield supported, that the Board of Directors of the Delhi Charter Township Downtown Development Authority authorize the purchase of 208 lamppost banners from the Kalamazoo Banner Works in accordance with their quotation of $23,491. The cost of the banners will be charged to the DDA’s 2007 Inrastructure Budget, Cedar Street Lighting Project.

All Ayes MOTION CARRIED 4. 2007 HOLIDAY TELEVISION CO-OP ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN Ms. Olney and Mr. McFadyen reviewed the process used to evaluate providers for the 2007 Holiday TV Campaign. Blohm Creative solicited proposals and received proposals from three local television stations. They recommend acceptance of the proposal from WILX TV-10. This package will provide 37 airings for 40 Holt businesses. The rationale for Blohm’s recommendation is included in Mr. McFadyen’s memo of August 23 along with background information provided by Blohm Creative Partners.

Cosgrove moved, supported by Brighton, that the Board of Directors of the Delhi Charter Township Downtown Development Authority accept the proposal of WILX to produce the 2007 Holt Holiday Television Cooperative Advertising packages at a cost of $1,700 per package with the DDA paying $1,000 of the cost of each package. It was further moved that the DDA Board approve the purchase of up to 20 packages in accordance with the WILX proposal and that the cost of the packages is to be charged to the DDA’s 2007 Budget as a Marketing and Promotion expense.

All Ayes


5. REVIEW AND REFERRAL OF PROPOSED FY 2008 DDA BUDGET Mr. McFadyen reviewed his memo of August 23, 2007 on the proposed 2008 DDA budget. Mr. Smith recommended that the full cost of the major infrastructure projects be included in the 2008 budget even though expenses for some of these projects may occur in two separate budget years. The proposed budget was referred to the DDA’s Executive Committee. After further review by the Executive Committee and the Township Board, the budget will be presented to the DDA Board for formal consideration.


Executive Director - Mr. McFadyen reviewed his monthly report with the Board. He called the Board’s attention to copies of the e-mail correspondence on the subject of Jackson McDaniel.

Advertising and Marketing Committee - Ms. Olney thanked the Board for their support of the banner purchase and television package acceptance. The welcome brochures have been completed and are available, although the inserts are still in production. A committee meeting is scheduled for September 6th.

Planning Commission -Mr. Smith reported that the Planning Commission recently considered the Master Plan revisions for the Cedar Street area (Holt Manor) and would be considering the rezoning of this parcel shortly. They are also reviewing the application of the Kroger store to add a fueling station along with various other site plans.

Mr. Goodrich advised that the first LEAP board meeting that he and John Elsinga will be attending is scheduled for September 6th. The Township Board will hold an all day budget review session for September 12 and that a car show for the area adjacent to Veterans Memorial Gardens is scheduled for September 23.

Ms. Cosgrove reported that the DDA’s fund balance as of the end of July was approximately $5.7 million.

ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 8:27 on a voice vote.

Last updated: February-27-2009

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