JULY 2007


The Downtown Development Authority Board met in a regular meeting on Tuesday, July 24, 2007, in the Multipurpose Room at the Community Services Center, 2074 Aurelius Road, Holt, Michigan. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Howard Brighton, Kim Cosgrove, Stuart Goodrich, Howard Haas, Nanette Miller, Jane Olney, Gary Smith and DiAnne Warfield

Ted Darbor

Al McFadyen, DDA Director, Barry Wood (Keystone Design) and Scott DeVries (C2ae)

Goodrich moved, Miller supported, to approve the June 26, 2007 meeting minutes. A voice vote was recorded as all Ayes.

There was no public comment.



1. Scott DeVries, C2ae, Delhi NE & Depot Street Improvements
Mr. DeVries gave a status report on the design of sanitary sewer, storm sewer and roadway reconstruction for the Delhi NE-Keller Road-Depot Street and Holt Road area. He discussed the history of past proposed improvements for this area, including an early 1990’s sanitary sewer study completed by others. He then discussed some of the design options now under consideration. Mr. DeVries advised the Board that the most cost effective solution to the sanitary sewer service shortfalls in this area is the replacement of two of the existing lift stations with new gravity sewers. He reviewed drainage options and explained the most feasible solution to storm water management north of Delhi NE is the deepening of the existing retention basin at Valhalla Park and that the creation of an additional retention basin south of Delhi NE is the best solution for drainage along Depot Street between Holt Road and Delhi NE. The Depot-Delhi NE intersection should be realigned so that it becomes a 90 degree intersection and some supporting utility work should be completed in connection with the planned expansion of the Dart Printing operation. Finally, Mr. DeVries reviewed preliminary cost estimates and projected cost sharing between the DDA and the Township Sewer Fund. The consensus was that C2ae should continue to prepare plans and specifications for these improvements and commence the permitting process at the earliest opportunity.

2. Proposal from Keystone Design Group for Architectural, Engineering and Interior Design Services for 2150 Cedar
Mr. Barry Wood of Keystone Design Group reviewed his preliminary feasibility analysis of the renovation of the former fire department headquarters at 2150 Cedar, with a particular consideration of conversion of this building into a senior citizens center. Mr. Wood discussed his report, a copy of which was provided to the Board as a part of the packet for the July Board meeting. Mr. Wood has concluded that the building could be feasibly rehabilitated for use as a senior citizen center based on its current structural condition. Significant plumbing and mechanical renovations will be required and an extensive re-working of the exterior should be a part of this renovation project. He felt the building could function efficiently as a center for senior programs as well as offices and storage for the Township Parks and Recreation Department. He distributed renderings and a proposed site plan. A preliminary cost estimate of $ 650,000 was given by Mr. Wood for the renovation of the building, excluding design fees.

There was discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of the building at 2150 Cedar Street for a senior citizen center. Mr. Smith stated that, while he supported a role for the DDA in assisting the Township in replacing the existing Sam Corey Senior facility, he did not believe this is the highest and best use for the property at 2150 Cedar. Several other members expressed support for the renovation project as proposed.

Olney moved, supported by Goodrich, that the Board of Directors of the Delhi Charter Township Downtown Development Authority approve the scope of services proposed by the Keystone Design Group of Lansing, MI. dated July 9, 2007 for the architectural, engineering and interior design of the renovations of 2150 Cedar Street, Holt, MI. Olney further moved that Keystone be authorized to complete work items 1-3 of their July 9, 2007 proposal at a cost not to exceed $20,100 and that authorization for the completion of further work will be considered by the DDA Board after review by the Board of Keystone’s Design Development findings. The cost of these services to be charged to the DDA’s Fiscal Year 2007 Capital Outlay Budget.

Ayes: Brighton, Cosgrove, Goodrich, Haas, Miller, Olney and Warfield.
Nays: Smith


3. Removal of Purchase Agreement Contingencies - 2024 Cedar- 2028 ½ Cedar, 2032 and 2034 Cedar, 4302 and 4302 ½ Veterans
Mr. McFadyen discussed his memo on the purchase agreement covering the above parcels. Ms. Miller asked about future re-use of this property.

Goodrich moved, supported by Cosgrove, that the DDA’s Executive Director be authorized to close the transaction for the purchase of the property at 2024-2028 ½ Cedar; 2032 Cedar; 2034 Cedar and 4302-4302 ½ Veterans, Holt, MI. in accordance with the purchase agreement between the DDA and the owners of this property.

All Ayes



Executive Director - Mr. McFadyen reviewed his monthly report. He called attention to the successful conclusion of the wetland mitigation monitoring.

Advertising and Marketing Committee - Ms Olney reported on the summer “Our Town” content and the articles under consideration for the autumn edition; the display booth progress, completion of the advertising brochure for the former VFW site and the status of the additional banner purchases.

Planning Commission - Mr. Smith discussed pending text changes and site plans.

Mr. Goodrich discussed the history of the LEAP organization and provided additional background to the memo written by Mr. McFadyen on this subject. He stated that he was optimistic the Township Board will approve a three year commitment for Township membership at the full LEAP Board Member level and that the DDA will support this effort when a financial commitment from the DDA is discussed in August.

Ms. Cosgrove reviewed the June 30, 2007 DDA financials.

ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm on a voice vote.

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