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A2i Wheel & Tire

A2i Wheel & Tire: Finding the hard-to-find

When a small business starts up in a struggling economy and manages not only to survive but grow, it's obviously doing something right. When you talk to A2i owner Adam Stevens, you pretty quickly get a sense of what that something might be.

"The customer is number one," he said without hesitation. "We take care of our customers. We find what they need."

Adam started his business as a wheel wholesaler in 2009. Unfortunately, he said, "When the economy tanked, we tanked with it." But Adam hung on, even working out of his house for a time to reduce overhead. Looking back, he said, "The tough economy made me focus on the key part of my business" – finding hard-to-find wheels, tires and related accessories for the end consumer.

A2i ("Automotive to Internet") is aptly named, with online sales – primarily on eBay – comprising about 70 percent of its business. Still, Adam is always looking for new avenues for growth. The company does online advertising and maintains an active presence on Facebook. And, of course, referrals and return business are extremely important – hence A2i's focus on customer service. "We're not satisfied with where we're at," said Adam. "We want to learn and grow."

Whether the customer is a tire store, a car dealership, a body shop or an individual consumer anywhere in the country, Adam said, "We're all about service. I want customers for life." That means working hard to find exactly what the customer is looking for, and A2i is up for the challenge. "The more oddball it is, the more we love it," he said. "We can't carry everything, but we try!"


A2I Wheel & Tire is at 1904 North Cedar Road, Holt, 517.214.1044,

Last updated: April-09-2015

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