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BizBuzz Q&A - Help for small business

BizBuzz Q&A - Help for small business

A conversation with Tom Donaldson, regional director of the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center and BizBuzz consultant.

Q: What is BizBuzz?
BizBuzz is a partnership between the Delhi DDA and the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center (MI-SBTDC), developed to help independent Delhi businesses become better, stronger and more sustainable. 
BizBuzz is a comprehensive local resource that can help your business grow and thrive. It provides a wealth of useful information, one-on-one consultation, and solutions tailored specifically to your business.
Q: What is the cost?
BizBuzz  is available to Delhi Township businesses at no cost as a benefit of doing business here, thanks to support from the Small Business Administration, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Lansing Community College and the Delhi DDA. 
Q: What types of businesses can BizBuzz help?
BizBuzz has something to offer virtually any type of independent business. And that’s true whether your business is a startup, an established business, or you’re ready to expand.
Q: I think my business is doing okay, but sometimes I wonder if I could be doing better. Can I find out how my business compares to others in my industry?
Yes! BizBuzz can help you benchmark your business against similar-sized organizations in your industry. We have data to help you compare key metrics such as profit margin, inventory turnover and more. We also have strategic planning tools to help you identify opportunities for your business to do even better. 
Q: I’d like to expand my business but I’m not quite sure how to do it. How can I find new growth opportunities?
Through BizBuzz, you can take advantage of a wealth of great data––including market trends, key players in your industry and much more––that can help you identify growth opportunities. Perhaps most important, BizBuzz provides individualized support to help you analyze those opportunities and take advantage of them.
Q: I need financing to grow my business, but credit is tight out there. What can I do?
It’s true: the banking world has changed dramatically in the past few years. It’s tougher for even long-established businesses to maintain a line of credit or obtain a loan. Now more than ever, it’s important to have your plans and projections in order before you approach the bank. BizBuzz can help you prepare a strong loan package to maximize your chances of success.
Q: Are there any government programs available to help my small business?
The state of Michigan offers some very innovative loan programs, specifically addressing collateral and cash flow issues that might prevent your loan from being approved. BizBuzz can help identify programs and lenders which may be able to help your business.
Q: I’m thinking about starting a new business. Can BizBuzz help me?
Successful businesses typically start with a strong plan. BizBuzz can help you develop your plan and realistic financial projections. We can also connect you with other local resources that can help you. The tools and support available through BizBuzz can accelerate the startup process, save you a lot of time, and help maximize your chances of success.
BizBuzz is ready to help your business. To find out how to get started, call Howard Haas at the DDA’s Biz Buzz center, 517.699.3863, email, or call Tom Donaldson directly at Michigan SBTDC, 517.483.1921.
Last updated: December-27-2012

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