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Dealer Supply Network

From windshield markers to inflatables: Dealer Supply Network

When manager Rachel Garza says that Dealer Supply Network offers “everything car dealers need to run a dealership,” she isn’t kidding.

From pennants and banners to inflatables, from all manner of forms to windshield markers and snow removal rakes, Dealer Supply Network has it – and sells it to dealers across the country.

Dealer Supply Network was founded in 1989, and Rachel has been there since the beginning. Back then, she said, the owner pounded the pavement with a product list in hand. Today, under the ownership of John Eyerman, who purchased the business more than 10 years ago, it’s a very different company.

“He totally revamped the business,” Rachel said. That included developing a product catalog and establishing a website. “I don’t think we’d still be here if he hadn’t moved us forward.” 

Rachel notes that Dealer Supply Network is “still small potatoes” compared to its competitors, “but we make a big impact,” thanks not only to the advances the company has made in the last decade, but to loyal clients and a good reputation in the industry. Dealer Supply Network serves most of the major local dealerships and used car lots as well as dealers from here to Alaska.

Dealer Supply Network is at 3451 Dunckel Road, Suite 100, Lansing, 393.3474,

Last updated: April-19-2016

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