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Fibertec Environmental Services

Fibertec Environmental Services

Fibertec Environmental Services occupies the same physical location it did when Our Town last profiled the company eight years ago – but it has never stopped being an organization on the move.

Founded by Matt Frisch in 1987, Fibertec provides specialized services to the environmental cleanup industry. Much of its work involves analyzing samples from contaminated commercial properties before those properties are purchased. The Holt headquarters houses Fibertec's analytical laboratory – its largest division – and the industrial hygiene division. A satellite lab in Cadillac specializes in analyses related to petroleum products, and the drilling division in Brighton supplies light-duty drilling rigs for groundwater and soil sampling.

Together the three offices provide clients a "one-stop shopping" approach that simplifies and expedites projects. Fibertec has also added new technological services that enable clients to access their data electronically in a variety of formats. This allows them to easily cut and paste charts, graphs and other data into reports and other applications.

Fibertec has worked on thousands of environmentally-impacted sites throughout Michigan, and has begun to attract business from Ohio, Indiana and Illinois as well. The company has approximately 70 employees across its three locations. 

Fibertec's headquarters is at 1914 Holloway Drive, Holt, 699.0345,



Last updated: February-27-2014

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