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HRU adapts, thrives in changing economy

When your firm places contingent employees in the automotive industry and that industry undergoes dramatic downsizing, what do you do?

At HRU Technical Resources, they knew their company had to adapt in order to survive. So adapt it did–and just completed the two strongest revenue years in its 30-year history.

HRU places talented contingent (non-permanent) employees in engineering, IT and technically-related positions across a variety of industries–including the federal government, higher education, consumer products, defense, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. Where the automotive industry comprised 100 percent of HRU’s business for the company’s first 20 years, it now represents approximately five percent.

The common denominator–and what enabled HRU to adapt–is manufacturing, explained Business Development Manager Todd Briggs.

“Virtually everything we use every day is manufactured,” he said, “so we looked to other manufacturing industries that used the same skill sets as automotive.” The need for specialized talent–including engineering, robotics, machinery and, increasingly, IT–is growing, and that presents great opportunities for both HRU and the workers they place.

HRU places both contract employees (hired by HRU to work onsite at the client company) and direct hires (employed directly by the client firm). In the current economy, some employers are still a little hesitant

about increasing their workforce through direct hires, said Tim Sackett, Executive Vice President. So, he explained, “Contract employees serve as a bridge to permanent hiring.” Contracts also help eliminate uncertainty for the worker.

“For example, when we can tell them we have about a year’s work for them, it helps them plan.”

HRU finds its talented workers in a number of ways: Internet employment sites such as, personal networking, and, of course, their own data base of “alumni” and contacts. “After 30 years in business, we have a pretty good data base,” said Todd. “As the saying goes, ‘everybody knows somebody else who does what they do’.”

In November, HRU was honored by the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce for “significant contributions to our region’s growth.” Tim and Todd believe that the company’s way of doing business has helped HRU become as successful as it is today.

“We ingrain ourselves as a partner with our clients–not just a vendor,” Todd said. Tim added, “I always say that I want to do business with people I could go to a basketball game or dinner with and have a good non-work-related conversation.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, Tim and Todd love finding people employment.

Whenever possible, their goal is to keep talented workers here in Michigan, but HRU also places nationwide. “When people need work, the priority is to help them find it,” said Todd. HRU currently has more than 400 contract employees, and more than 50 staff members in their Delhi Township office.

HRU Technical Resources is at 3451 Dunckel Road, #200, Lansing, 272.5888,

Last updated: May-18-2011

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