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RSDC operates the largest distribution facility for automotive steel in North America—right here in Holt.

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To meet the demands of its customers, RSDC of Michigan has the ability to handle more than a million tons of steel each year. This requires receiving and processing steel coils 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at the 600,000 square foot facility. Once complete, the product is shipped on a just-in-time basis to customers such as automotive stamping plants, to become a roof, door, or hood of a vehicle. By efficiently producing a very high-quality product, the company has been able to expand beyond Michigan and now ships to locations in Missouri, Louisiana and Canada.

RSDC of Michigan employs approximately 350 people—an increase of nearly 100 employees since 2000—making it one of the largest employers in Delhi Township. Here since 1999, credit for its success is given to its employees, suppliers and the surrounding community.

"The vision and efforts of the Delhi Township DDA, trustees and community development staff were critical to our decision to locate here," says Don Patterson, RSDC's administrative manager. "However, it didn't end there—they continue to be an integral part of helping the RSDC get things done. In my opinion, the DDA plays a critical role in making sure we are aware of how the process works and how to connect with the right people."

Last updated: October-08-2009

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