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A different kind of fitness model

Long before it was his profession, fitness was a passion for local Snap Fitness owner Joe Garcia.

A runner and marathoner, Joe long ago embraced a healthy lifestyle, “because I had to.” With a family history of diabetes, Joe was motivated to do whatever he could to stay healthy, set a good example for his young children, and “to make sure I’m around for them.” So when he decided to open his own health club, he did so with a desire to help others work toward healthier lives–especially those who are new to fitness.

“I want to provide a ‘point of entry’ into fitness that is fast, convenient and affordable,” Joe said. “A neighborhood, family gym,” where people won’t be intimidated by the price, the surroundings or an intensely competitive atmosphere.

Snap Fitness–which opened in the Holt Plaza in December–fits that model.

Joe described it as a place where you can get in and out fast but still get a quality workout with top-shelf cardio and strength training equipment. “We offer the same great workout experience as the large, fancy clubs, but at a fraction of the price,” he said. Unlike some clubs, where the membership investment can be intimidating, Snap Fitness offers the option of month-by-month membership.

Another Snap advantage is 24/7 member access, which helps people work fitness into their busy lives at their convenience–whenever and wherever that may be. Each member is provided a personalized keycard, allowing easy access, even during unstaffed hours, to any of the more than 1,000 Snap Fitness Clubs worldwide.

Most of all, Joe said, he wants his club to be a place where people can succeed in bringing more fitness into their lives at a level that’s comfortable for them. And he and his staff want to support them in that effort. “I’m a guy who likes to solve problems and bring value,” he said. “I want this to be the kind of place where we know our members by name and can cheer them on.”

Snap Fitness also offers support through a free fitness assessment, free instruction and a customized workout plan. Each member can also access a personalized online training center where they can create, modify and track their workouts. There’s even an online nutrition and meal planning program that recommends daily caloric intake and menus based on personal goals and preferences.

In the end, Joe said, he’s excited to bring to the community a concept that makes sense and can benefit so many. “I want to help people manage their effort to be healthy.”

Snap Fitness is at 2040 N. Aurelius Road in the Holt Plaza, 827.4884,

Last updated: August-30-2011

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