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Trick Titanium

"Proven Combination for Winning"

Unless you happen to own a race car, you might not have paid much attention to the unassuming building where “the gold standard of bellhousings” and other precision race car components are manufactured.

Trick Titanium produces titanium valves, housings and other high-performance components sold to racing teams and owners worldwide.

Entrepreneur, race car driver and Stealth Engineering & Technologies founder Mike Miller acquired Trick Titanium in 2008 and merged the two companies.

Machining exotic alloys such as titanium requires a special expertise. The Trick Titanium team—including AutoCAD and Unigraphics-certified design engineers and CNC machinists—has honed that expertise, producing parts that hold extremely high tolerances.

Trick Titanium currently employs 18 people, said associate Chris Thomas. “We’re expanding right now,” she said. “We need more elbow room and we’re adding more machines.”

Trick Titanium also handles some manufacturing for Orchid Orthopedics (part of Stealth Engineering & Technologies and the Trick Titanium family). Strange as it may sound, the processes for producing precision human joint replacements and high-performance auto parts are not unrelated. Regardless of the part being created, Trick Titanium focuses on what the customer wants: a highly durable and long-running product.

Trick Titanium is at 2046 Depot Street, Holt, 694.7449,

Last updated: April-17-2017

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