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Jazzercise Holt Fitness Center

Jazzercise Holt Fitness Center

"It's not your mother's Jazzercise anymore!" Pam Lynch, owner of Jazzercise Holt Fitness Center, loves to tell the story of how she got started in Jazzercise.

"I was 19, and I wanted to start working out. But fitness programs weren't as common then as they are now. My mom was taking a Jazzercise class, so I went with her," she said. "From the very first class, I was hooked. I was obsessed."

Today, she says, she and her fellow Jazzercise instructors often tell people, "It's not your mother's Jazzercise anymore"––but, she added, "Even if it was, I'd still love it!"

"Jazzercise has been completely revamped," Pam said. "It's definitely not an '80s-style class anymore." The dance-based cardio program incorporates strength training and Yoga- and Pilates-style stretching. Each 60-minute class is a total body workout. Students don't need to have a dance or exercise background––the instructor teaches all the moves. And the program is not just effective, it's fun. "The music is all current, popular music you'd hear on the radio," Pam added.

Pam was a Jazzercise student for seven years before becoming certified as an instructor, and has taught for 17 years. She opened Jazzercise Holt Fitness Center in October. "I love the facility," Pam said. "It has all wood floors and it's gorgeous." She's also excited about the center's future growth. Right now, Pam teaches all the classes herself, but she is in the process of helping another instructor get certified so they can offer more classes. She also hopes to add onsite child care. For a flat monthly payment, students may attend unlimited classes, making the program flexible for busy schedules.

Pam knows about busy schedules. The mother of a four-year-old son as well as a business owner, she says, "Sometimes it's like working 24 hours a day, but if you love what you do, that's okay!"

Jazzercise Holt Fitness Center is at 2168 Cedar St., Holt, 517.449.6611,  and has a Facebook page at

Last updated: July-25-2012

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