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Dr. Tim Fauser

For more than three decades, Holt area residents have turned to Dr. Tim Fauser, owner of the Holt Veterinary Clinic, to care for their pets. In September 2011, Tim took on an additional role in the community when he joined the DDA board.

“I have always been interested in the community and how well we do economically,” Tim said. “The DDA has done a lot over the years to improve the entire area.” Tim currently sits on the Beautification Committee.

Despite his deep roots in the community, Tim said that being on the board offers a different perspective. “There is so much going on,” he said. “At this point, I’m still learning what is going on around Holt in terms of business and economics.”

Tim is finding his involvement with the board to be a positive experience. “I’m very impressed with the work the board does, and how they are able to stretch their funding to cover a whole lot of different things to benefit the community.”

Tim and his wife raised their family in Holt. He is a member of the Holt Lions Club and has led four of the club’s medical eyeglass missions to Latvia.