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Nanette Miller

Nanette Miller had an interest in being involved in Township government and was approached to sit on the DDA Board. “The rest was history,” she said. The Holt resident has since been a DDA board member for six years, and said she has learned a great deal about the DDA and its goals. “I never really understood what the DDA was all about until I was sitting on the board,” she said. “I’m constantly learning.” Some of the DDA’s projects pre-date her membership on the board, so Nanette frequently asks for background to learn the history and goals of the projects.

One of the things she is interested in is the goal of updating the buildings located within the triangle. She hopes that with the DDA’s help, the buildings can become an asset that benefits the whole area.

Nanette is a strong advocate of the Commercial Rehabilitation Rebate Program. “CRRP is an excellent program,” she said. “That extra money helps businesses do much more to upgrade their properties.” In the future, she hopes more businesses will take advantage of it.

Nanette enjoys her home in downtown Holt, and she’s definitely loyal to the community. “I graduated from HOlt High Schools, both of my kids graduated for Holt High School, and hopefully my two grandchildren will graduate from Holt High School,” she said. Outside of working with the DDA, Nanette is a property manager for a housing cooperative in Lansing.