Dear Delhi Township business owner:

We want to thank you and our entire business community that continues to make unparalleled sacrifices to keep our community healthy and safe during the ongoing COVID‐19 pandemic.

We know our local businesses are focused on reopening safely. Some Delhi Township businesses will begin to reopen their doors now, or in the very near future, while maintaining safe social distancing as outlined in state and federal guidelines, and as permitted by current State of Michigan Executive Orders. Other businesses may need to wait until the 28th to align with current Executive Orders.

However, as you are making decisions about your business reopening, we would like to invite you to participate in the Delhi Township Business Grand Reopening Sign Program.

Normally, grand opening signs are only permitted for newly opened businesses at new locations. However, the intent of this temporary program is to permit any business that was previously closed as a result of COVID‐19 to have a grand re‐opening sign, pursuant to Delhi Township ordinance requirements.

Businesses that would like to participate in the program must fill out a sign permit application (available on the Township website) and email it to the Community Development Office. Please send the application to: In the “business location” field of the application, or in the email itself, businesses must specify what date they plan to reopen and begin displaying their grand opening sign. Business owners are not permitted to display a grand re‐opening sign if they have not submitted the application.

The other guidelines for participation in the program include:

  • One sign is permitted, which can be a temporary sign, sandwich board, windblown device, banner or other. Businesses must specify what type of grand opening sign they will be displaying in the application submission.
  • No signs larger than 35 square feet (per side) will be permitted.
  • Signs must be located on the same property as the business.
  • Signs must be a minimum of 10 feet from property lines and 5 feet from sidewalks.
  • The signs must not obstruct clear vision for driveways, vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Signs are permitted for 30 consecutive days and must be removed after that time.

Delhi Township will not be charging any permit fees for this program, which ends on June 30.

While these continue to be challenging times for local businesses, we look forward to seeing grand opening signs around Delhi Township, which will be a welcomed sight for businesses and residents. Thank you for your continued support of the health and safety of our community.


Tracy Miller Township Manager